Program No.18-056

Planning of construction of the primate center and husbandry system for primates.

Ueno Yoshikazu

25th October,2006 - 31st October,2006

 We discussed the plan to build PRIT (Primate Research Institute of Thailand). Before discussion, we visited the predetermined area for PRIT, which was about 100km far from the center of Bangkok. On the basis of the observation of the area, the discussion was hold with project team of PRIT which included vice president of university. It was especially focused on the enclosure system for macaques. Finally, we made sure of continual discussion about the way to construct PRIT and to investigate the husbandry of monkeys.

Planned construction site: 100km from Bangkok
Kangkhoi district, Saraburi Province. Site area is 380ha.

Group cage plan


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