Program No.18-057

Evolutionary biological study on the diversity of forest mammals in Vietnam


28th November,2006 - 3rd December,2006

 For the purpose to accumulate the information of mammals in middle Vietnam, I conducted the field survey and interviews to local people in Azine Village, Dong Giang District, Prao Town, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam. In the result of trapping, I collected several specimens of a mole species, Euroscaptor parvidens, and examined morphologically based on the measurements of their skulls. The samples for chromosomal and DNA examinations were collected for ongoing studies.In this region, a minority population inhabits, thus I interviewed them about the mammals. It is considered that some Artiodaclyla species (serows and muntjacs) are distributing there and especially this region is southern most population of recently discovered Saola. On primate species, gibbon species were previously occurred, but now very rare. Most dominant species of primate is Macaca arctoides, they said. Local people use these mammals for their foods, and keep the skulls of mammals in their residences. The skulls include the species, in addition to above mentioned, of flying squirrel, bamboo rat, flying lemur, boar and palm civet.

captured wild mole

minority community keeping primate bone of skull


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