Program No.18-064

Studying grooming relationships within one-male harem of the Sichuan snub-nosed monkey (Rhinopithecus roxellana) in their natural habitat.

Zhang Peng

6th January,2007 - 25th Febriary,2007

I have studied the Sichuan snub-nosed monkeys in the Qinling Mountains since 1999. I gave name to each individual in this group, which is the first individual identification in their natural habitat. The HOPE project provided me a chance to continue my field work. I investigated group composition and identified those newly immigrating individuals. In the doctoral course, I am focusing on studying grooming relationships within one-male harem of this species. 34 observational days in this time is very important for me to understand this point. In addition, I met Prof. Li in the Northwest University. We planned next collaboration in the summer and autumn of 2007.

I spent most of time in collecting data in the Zhouzhi National Nature Reserve. I collaborated with Dr. Wang, Dr. Zhu and Dr. Qi from the Northwest University, China in this study. They helped me to identify individuals and investigate the group composition. Our field assistants, Mr. Yang, Mr. Wang, Mr. Li and Mr. Liu associated with us to track the monkey group in Mountains. In the 34 observational days, I investigated the group composition three times a day by the scan sampling, and collected data of grooming relationships within harems by the focal sampling. In addition to the daytime observation, we collected data of nesting behavior in nights for 11 days, which was the first experience in this species. I stayed in the Northwest University, China for a week to discus my observations with Prof. Li and his students. They gave me very impressive suggestions. Prof. Li and I planned another field work in the coming summer and autumn of 2007. We are looking forward more collaboration.


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