HOPE report


Social relationships among harem females of the Sichuan snub-nosed monkey (Rhinopithecus roxellana), China.

Report:Zhang Peng

Date:2007/12/22 - 2008/01/20

The main objective of this study is to understand social dynamics of R. roxellana in their natural habitat, e. g. female-bonded versus cross bonded societies. From Dec. 22 2007 to Jan 17 2008, I investigated the band composition three times per day by the scan sampling, and collected data on grooming behaviors of focal females. In addition to the daytime observation, I collected preliminary data on sleeping clusters in nights. Dr. Kazuo Wada and three graduate students from the Northwest University of China (Dr. Yang B, Dr. Zhang J and Dr. Yan CE) helped me to identify individuals and investigate the group composition. Our field assistants, Mr. Li, Mr. Wang QC, Mr. Wang QZ, Mr. Zhou and Mr. Chen helped me tracking the band in Mountains.
From Jan 17 to 19, I stayed in the Northwest University of China, and discussed with Prof. Li about our study. "For 8 years I had studied on the subject band and I'd like to continue our collaborations in the future studies", I told him. On Jan 20, I came back to PRI, Japan.

All male group of the Chinese golden monkey

Juvenile female of the Chinese golden monkey

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