HOPE report


Study on sociality and ecology of wild orangutans with high density in primary forest.


Date:2008/02/14 - 2007/03/07

I conducted Fallen Fruits Census aimed to clarify fruits productivity and Nest Censes aimed to clarify density of orangutan in study site for five days. These censuses have been conducted at the end of month. After that I searched and followed orangutan then. I and my research assistants followed 8 animals (Flanged Male: 1, Unflanged Male: 2, Mother: 2, Infant: 1, Adolescent Male: 1, Adolescent Female: 1) for 191 hours in 14 days from January to February 2008. And we make explorations into new cleared trails then renewed our map of study site. Additionally I took photo of a cranial bone of orangutan (supposed Flanged Male) found by a local nature guide in study site. The cranial bone was already skeletonized and the rest of the body has never found. I visited Dr. Henry Bernard who was lecturer of Institute for Tropical Biology and Conservation of Universiti Malaysia Sabah and he showed me new Primate Research Center in his Institute.

a cranial bone of supposed Flanged Male orangutan found in study site (norma facialis)

upper jawbone

nest made by orangutan last night. taken photo from Canopy Walk (height of 20 meters above the ground)

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