HOPE report


Study on sociality and ecology of wild orangutans with high density in primary forest


Date:2007/07/24 - 2007/09/24

I have researched wild orangutans with Ms. Tomoko Kanamori (Tokyo Institute of Technology) in Danum Valley Conservation Area, Malaysia from 2005. At first I gave briefing at Sabah state government about my research then renewed my research pass and visa. During the research from August to September 2007, I tracked and observed 7 resident orangutans in 74 hours 20 minute (in 10 days) collectively. From late August it became difficult to find orangutan in study site. However orangutans frequently form party when we found them. Especially one infant estimated 4 years old frequently played with other infant in 2 years old (their mothers are different).

Juvenile aged 4 years and the mother

Young female was feeding with young male

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