HOPE report


To attend Society for Neuroscience Meeting (SFN2007) and present posters.

Report:Takao, OISHI

Date:2007/11/03 - 2007/11/10

At SFN2007 held in Sandiego on November 3-7, I presented four posters related to characterization of GAP-43 immunoreactive structures in the monkey spinal cord, differential gene expression in frontal areas, effects of training on motor recovery after M1 lesion, and GAP-43 mRNA expression in motor cortex of CST-lesioned monkey.

Colocalization of GAP-43 and vesicular glutamate transporter 1, 
alpha-subunit of calcium-calmodulin dependent kinase II, 
and serotonin in the anterior horn of spinal cord of rhesus monkey is shown 
with double-labeling immunohistochemistry.

Meeting with collaborators and friends. We enjoyed talking 
about each other's research results and perspectives.

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