HOPE report


Congress of the European Federation for Primatology (Prague) and Parkes Foundation Conference on Reproduction and Adaptation (Cambridge, UK)

Report:Cecile Garcia

Date:2007/09/02 - 2007/09/20

Supported by the HOPE Project, I attended the second Congress of the European Federation of Primatology (EFP) held in Charles University of Prague, Czech Republic (Sept 3rd to Sept 7th, 2007). This congress aims to communicate latest findings and current issues in various fields of Primatology, ranging from cognition to biomedical research. This conference was a good opportunity for PhD students, post-doc and researchers to establish or strengthen network among them. I have presented my work on the "Impact of social context on female reproductive function in a group of captive olive baboons (Papio anubis)"during the "Reproduction and Reproductive Strategies in non-human Primates and Humans" session. After participating in the congress, I spent another two days in Prague. On Sept 9th, I went to Paris to work with Dr. Lyliane Rosetta. We have worked on different papers in preparation or under revisions. I stayed all the week (10th - 14th) working in her lab in Paris (Human Evolution Department, CNRS). On Sept 16th, I went to Cambridge (UK) to attend a Workshop on Reproduction and Adaptation (17th - 18th Sept). This workshop was held in the Department of Biological Anthropology. I left Cambridge on Sept 19th, and arrived in Japan on Sept 20th, 2007.


Parkes Foundation Conference on Reproduction and Adaptation in Cambridge

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