HOPE report


A study on the interaction between primates and mammal-dispersed fruits in Southeast Asia

Report:Nakashima Yoshihiro

Date:2007/07/10 - 2008/03/27

In order to conduct my research project smoothly, I discussed on objects and methods of my study with my counterpart in Wildlife Department, Sabah, Malaysia. After that, I went to Tabin Wildlife Reserve and investigated on the interaction between primates and mammal-dispersed fruits. I selected one mammal-dispersed fruit, Rambutan (Nephelium sp. ) as a model plant, and tried to reveal 4 points as follows: (1) which animals eat fruits of Rambutan and (2) disperse seeds (carry seeds beyond the crown of mother trees)? (3) Is there any difference in survival rate of seeds between beneath a parent tree and far from the parent tree? (4) Which animals are effective seed disperser and (5) is it can be said that primates are more effective than other mammals in the process of seed dispersal of Rambutan. My research went very well. I could complete my planned investigations.

Rambutan (Nephelium sp.)

Long-tailed macaque (Macaca fascicularis)

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