HOPE report


Data collection of extant African ungulates for paleoecological study of fossil ungulates from Konso, Ethiopia

Report:Mugino Ozaki

Date:2007/06/09 - 2007/06/23

I investigated extant African ungulate skulls at the American Museum of Natural History at New York. I selected ten bovid species which have representative feeding habits of their tribes (Alcelaphini, Antilophini, Tragelaphini, Reduncini) and made precise impressions of both upper and lower molar occlusal facets for microwear investigation. In addition to bovids, I also studied giraffe, okapi, and plains zebra. I could make impressions of approximately 230 specimens of 13 species.

African bovid collection in the American Museum of Natural History.

Large ungulate collection in AMNH.

Brooklyn Army Terminal, which houses some part of the African bovid collection of AMNH.

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