HOPE report


CT scanning of the fossil cercopithecoid crania from the Pliocene of France

Report:Takeshi Nishimura

Date:2007/09/26 - 2007/10/03

Two fossil crania of Paradolichopithecus arvernensis and Dolichopithecus ruscinensis were examined using CT imaging of the inner structure, in collaboration with Prof. Senut, National Museum of Natural History, Paris. We visited Dr. Abel Prieur, Geological Collection, Lyon I University, to borrow the fossil specimens. The fossils were scanned using a herical CT scanner at the Clinique Pasteur, Toulouse, France, in collaboration with Dr. Jacque Treil. We visited Dr. Prieur again, to return the fossil specimens and discuss our collaboration developing further. We preliminarily examined the CT images in Paris and discuss future researches. The CT scans acquired are expected to contribute to the evaluations of the phyletic relationship of P. arvernensis and P. sushkini (late Pliocene, southern Tajikistan) and of the classification of Dolichopithecus and the fossil colobine from Kanagawa, Japan.

National Museum of natural History, Paris (Paleontology)

Geological Collection, Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University

CT scanning at the Clinique Pasteur

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