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Presentation at the 10th International Pragmatic Conference and laboratory visit at Uppsala University

Report:MIURA Yui

Date:2007/07/09 - 2007/07/20

International Pragmatic Conference is the biggest meeting where researchers present studies mainly about pragmatics and related issues. The 10th meeting was held in Gothenburg University in Sweden and I presented a poster titled "Preschooler's assessment of knowledge states of others based on linguistic and behavioral information". The conference provided me with great opportunities to communicate with researchers from different areas. The discussion and exchange of opinions with them helped me on my current and future research. Visit to the "Baby Lab" at Uppsala University was the second purpose of my trip. The laboratory was equipped with various new and advanced apparatuses for measuring eye movements, body movements, and brain activities in infants. Discussion with researchers about the study design using eye tracking system was especially fruitful and rewarding for my on-going research.

Faculty of Arts, Gothenburg University

Poster session at the conference

BabyLab, Uppsala University

BabyLab, Uppsala University

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