HOPE report


Depth perception from pictorial cues in human, chimpanzees and macaques using preferential reaching task

Report:Imura Tomoko

Date:2007/05/07 - 2007/05/18

 During my stay in Minnesota from 7th to 11th in May, I visited Dr. Yonas to discuss about the progress and future plan of collaborative research regarding to depth discrimination using reaching response in chimpanzees. Especially, apparatus for monocular or binocular viewing and content of training for chimpanzees were discussed. In additions, New collaborative research for human infants' sensitivity to linear perspective was started.

 After that, I moved to Sarasota to participate in the 7th annual meeting of Vision Science Society at Hyatt Sarasota from 11th to 18th in May. Our research was presented on the poster session on 12th afternoon. The title of our poster presentation was "Visual search on the ground-like surface defined by texture gradients in chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) and humans (Homo sapiens)", which was supported by the Cooperative Research Program of the Primate Research Institute, Kyoto University.

Poster presentation at the Vision Science Society meeting

Institute of Child Development, University of Minnesota

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