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A study of craniodental variations of genus Macaca in Southeast Asia

Report:YAMAMOTO Ayumi

Date:2008/02/24 - 2008/03/09

I visited the Raffles Museum in the National University of Singapore to study craniodental variations of macaques in Southeast Asia. In rhw Raffles Museum, I made observations and took measurements of skulls and dentitons of Southeast Asian macaques such as Macaca arctoides, M. nemestrina, and M. tonkeana. During my stay in Vietnam, I studied isolated macaque teeth excavated from the Lang Trang cave. As these specimens were not well sorted yet, I first classified them and took some preliminary measurements. In addition, I discussed with Vietnamese researchers to exchange information concerning morphological studies on primate remains from paleontological/archaeological sites in this country.

Raffles Museum, National University of Singapore

storage of Raffles Museum

Institute of archaeology, Vietnam

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