HOPE report


Preliminary study of the morphological character of Taiwanese macaques (Macaca cyclopis)

Report:YAMAMOTO Ayumi

Date:2007/09/15 - 2007/09/26

Hybridization between Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata) and Taiwanese macaques (M. cyclopis) in wild has become a serious problem in Japan now. Data collection of Taiwanese macaques is therefore needed not only for intra-generic comparison of Macaca but also for grasping the characters of the hybrid groups from Wakayama prefecture and Shimokita peninsular. However, the number of skeletal specimens of Taiwanese macaques is quite limited relative to that of Japanese macaques. Furthermore, skeletal specimens of Taiwanese macaques in Japan originated from captive groups.
During my staying in Taiwan, I examined the present condtions of specimen collection of Taiwanese macaques in several Taiwanese institutions (Pingtung Uiversity of Science & Technology, Endemic species research institute, Tunghai University, National Museum of Natural Science, and Zoology Museum of National Taiwan University). Besides, I preliminarily measured Taiwanese macaques specimens. In Pingtung Uiversity of Science & Technology, I also visited the Wild Life Rescue Center.

Wild Life Rescue Center, Pingtung Uiversity of Science & Technology

Zoology Museum of National Taiwan University

National Museum of Natural Science

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