HOPE report


Study on the Forest Utilization at Wamba, Democratic Republic of Congo

Report:KIMURA Daiji

Date:2007/11/03 - 2007/12/12

I conducted the following researches in this dispatch.
*To clarify the current tendency of forest utilization by the indigenous people, I selected 20 informants in the village. These informants have recorded the items they got from the forest day by day. This time I collected the recorded notes. These data will be analyzed from now on.

*I measured the position and extent of the slash-and-burn fields around the study village, using GPS. Comparing it with aerial photograph and Landsat scene, the change of utilization pattern of the forest will be analyzed.

*Currently the villagers cannot product coffee, the only cash crop in this area, due to the disruption of traffic systems such as shipping or trucking. Instead, they carry and sell bush-meat, dried fish, or local spirits to Kisangani 400km away on foot. I investigated such situation of logistics in details.

*In the previous research, I got the information on the tilapia aqua-farming and intensive pig/goat breeding in this area. This time I actually observed and recorded these attempts.


tilapia pool

pig farm

pig farm

research station

burning on the soil

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