HOPE report


Presentation of development of inhibition in chimpanzees on the International Conference

Report: Moriguchi Yusuke

Date:2007/08/20 - 2007/08/28

Supported by the Hope project, I attended the 13th European Conference on Developmental Psychology held in University of Jena, Germany from August 21- 25. On the international conference, there were several studies that investigated the development of inhibitory control ability in young children or comparative cognitive studies of great apes including chimpanzees and human children. These studies were very close to my research interest, so I talked with those researchers about future direction of the inhibitory studies and the comparative cognitive studies. Also, on the Theory of mind (2) session, I presented the study entitled "Executive function and theory of mind: Evidence from a comparative study" which was supported by Cooperation Research Program of Primate Research Institute, Kyoto University. Some audiences were interested in my research and asked about our experiments. After the conference, I moved to Leipzig, where there is the Max Plank Institute, one of the most famous research centers for great ape studies. I went to the Leipzig Zoo and Max Plank Institute and met a researcher, Dr. Josep Call. He showed me the zoo and institute and talked with me about the past, present and future of the comparative cognitive studies.

13th European Conference on Developmental Psychology  in University of Jena

A gorilla in Leipzig Zoo

Research facilities in Leipzig Zoo

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