HOPE report


A comparative study of reciprocal cooperation and understanding of others in chimpanzees.

Report:Yamamoto Shinya

Date:2007/08/14 - 2007/08/30

During my stay in Halifax from 14th to 23rd in August, I took part in the 30th International Ethological Conference. Our research was presented in an oral session on 18th afternoon. The title of our oral presentation was "Do chimpanzees spontaneously take turns in a reciprocal cooperation task?: solicitation and punishment targeted at free-rider". I discussed latest research with not only primatologists but also researchers of birds, dolphins, and so on. After the conference, I visited Biodome and Botanical Garden in Montreal, and then Harvard University in Boston, U. S. A. In Prof. Susan Carey's lab, I saw around the facilities and experimental rooms for developmental studies of human infants, and exchanged latest information in human and chimpanzee researches. In Prof. Martin Nowak's lab, I gathered information about theoretical and experimental studies on human reciprocity, and discussed the possibility of collaborative work between human and chimpanzee research.

 A student  Prof. Susan Carey's lab, Harvard University

A student Prof. Martin Nowak's lab, Harvard University

A dinner party after the conference

verbal presentation

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