HOPE report


Change in behavior of wild female chimpanzees that occurs during the estrous period.

Report: Hashimoto Chie

Date:2007/09/16 - 2007/09/30

I conducted a research in the Kalinzu Forest Reserve, Uganda. I trained local assistants so that they could follow chimpanzees and collect data and they have been collecting the data of estrous and anestrous female of chimpanzees since September 2005. They record ranging of focal animals using GPS, party size and composition in which the focal animals are observed, behavior of the focal animals, and data on mother-offspring relationships. They also check whether the focal animal is pregnant using pregnancy test kit. During this study period, I followed chimpanzees with local assistants to see how the local assistants follow chimpanzees and record data. I also record the estrous status and the number of offspring of the focal animals. I collected data which the local assistants had collected during my absence.

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