Program No.19-052

Oral/Poster presentation on International Play Association (IPA), and observation of playing behavior among Western Lowland Gorilla in Bronx Zoo, NY, USA.


17th April, 2007 - 2nd March, 2007

 I went to observe juvenile individuals of Western Lowland Gorillas in Bronx zoo, NY, USA. Observation was done for four hours in close distance and I found many play-repertories among their playing behavior; Some of them seemed very common with chimpanzees (ex. 'circle'), and others seemed specific to gorillas (ex.'drumming behavior'). On the other hand, I could not find any play behavior between juveniles and their father (silverback). I participated in the conference of TASP/IPA (International Play Association) as a presenter at Strong National Museum of Play, Rochester, NY. 

 I presented in two sessions, one in oral and the other in poster session. After my presentation, many participants gave me valuable comments or questions. Through the conference, I found it very impressive and significant that I could make many connections with American and Canadian scientists studying play of human children, and we exchanged our information and proposed concrete cooperative studies on play.

Oral presentation

Poster presentation

Gorilla and I



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