HOPE report


Chimpanzee Cultures Collaborative Project, Round 2 (CCCP2)

Report:Michio Nakamura

Date:2007/10/12 - 2007/10/17

In order to examine the cultural behaviors of wild chimpanzees, researchers from twelve study sites attended the meeting. The participants were as follows: A Whiten (leader), W Wallauer (Gombe), C Boesch (Tai N and S), N Newton-Fisher (Budongo), M Muller (Kanywara), K Langergraber (Ngogo), T Humle (Bossou), T Furuichi (Kalinzu), C Sanz (Goualougo), W McGrew (Assirik), J Pruetz (Fongoli), M Nakamura (Mahale).
We have checked all the 200 behaviors in the pruned list which was extracted from the original table of 517 behaviors. The behaviors are either customary or habitual in at least one unit group of chimpanzees and completely absent from at least one group without ecological explanations. We made confirmation on the definition of each behavior and recoded when necessary. When definitions of the behaviors are ambiguous, we made discussion until everyone has understand the behavior. We also made "confidence rating (CR)" on each behavior. This CR will be used when publishing the results: e. g. those behaviors to which everybody gave low CR will be excluded from the list of cultural behaviors.

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