HOPE report


Community ecology of primates in Danum Valley Conservation Area

Report:HANYA Goro

Date:2007/11/28 - 2007/12/08

I have conducted my project on the community ecology of five species of diurnal primates in Danum Valley Conservation Area since September 2006. My Malaysian assistants continue collecting data sampling while I am not at the study site. Since the beginning of the project, I have conducted primate census, orangutan nest census and fallen fruit census along a trail of 9. 9 km in length. Since December 2006, I have conducted behavioral observation of one group of red leaf monkeys. I started to observe other primates in May 2007. This time, I followed red leaf monkeys for 8 hours in one day and orangutans for 16 hours in two days. Every 10 minutes, I recorded the activity (feeding, moving, grooming and resting), the height of the animal and the height of the tree where animals are staying for all the visible individuals. When they are eating, I collected food samples and identified species. I sorted out of food and fruit samples collected for the past one and a half years, and weighed the unit dry weight. On the way back from the study site, I visited Federal Economy Planning Unit in Putrajaya, capital city of Malaysia, and applied renewal of the research pass.

Bark which was eaten by an orangutan

Pith of liana which was eaten by red leaf monkeys

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