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Invitation Alan Mootnick : Presentation in HOPE Symposium 2007: Primate Origins of Human Evolution

Report:Hirai Hirohisa

Date:2007/11/15 - 2007/11/21

He showed that taxonomical difficulties of gibbons are caused by 1) by a wide range of coat colors, 2) the existence of different colors for the two sexes, 3) the occurrence of coat color changes at various stages of their life, and in all species by 4) the impact of malnutrition and housing (e. g. indoors only or in full sunlight) on coloration, 5) the bleaching or staining from their own urine in the groin, 6) the difficulty of distinguishing the different species and subspecies vocalizations, 7) the loss of information from a confiscated gibbon's origin. Afterward, these taxonomical problems bring about difficulties in the identification of gibbons and captive breeding in facilities. Finally, he talked planning of conservation project of captive gibbons, and discussed importance of educational program for the conservation of the wild gibbons.

Alan Mootnick

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