HOPE report


Investigation of Ecology and Social Structure of Proboscis Monkeys in Lower Kinabatangan

Report:Matsuda Ikki

Date:2009/02/24 - 2009/03/10

To better understand ecology and social structure of proboscis monkeys, I studied harem groups of proboscis monkeys in Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary since January 2005. As I had to renew my research permit during trip, I visited the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) of the Malaysian Government and reported the findings of my project. As a result, a new research permit was given to me from March 2009-2010 by the EPU. I also had a meeting with Dr. H. Bernard (University Malaysia Sabah) and Mr. J. Sha (Singapore Zoo) and we discussed about the book that had been jointly written last year. Further, to explore the possibilities of a comparative study of proboscis monkeys inhabiting different sites, I visited the Klias area in which Dr. H. Barnard has conducted his long-term study on the monkeys. The vegetation in Klias is mostly mangrove forest and differs greatly from that of my study site (riverine forest), speculating that the proboscis monkeys in Klias have different feeding and ranging behaviors from those of the monkeys observed in my study.

Male proboscis monkey

Female proboscis monkey

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