HOPE report


Study on Social behaviors of Wild Borneo Orangutans ; focusing on males


Date:2008/08/07 - 2008/08/25

We have continued the field research on wild orangutan in a research area which we newly settled around a tourist lodge in Danum Valley Conservation Area, Malaysia. About 5 year has passed since we set up this new research area. During the research on August 2008, I could track and observe 10 orangutans (2 of flanged male were new individuals, others were resident individuals). In addition, I conducted fallen fruits census and nest census.
In the result of fallen fruits census from 2004, it is clarified to become fruits season during from June to August in this site. However, fruit season in 2008, fruit productivity had low. In addition, Terminalia citrina or Durio zibethinus which fruits have always finished until August, remain yet, or had not fruited yet. According to the talk of village people, since especially the rainy season was long, fruit probably did not fruit this year.

New flanged male (Ali)

Adolescent Female (Sheena)

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