HOPE report


Investigations of fossil and living mammal specimens, collection of related data, and discussion with Chinese paleontologists and mammalogists

Report:Nakagawa Ryohei

Date:2008/11/13 - 2008/11/25

In the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, I observed many fossil mammal specimens from China. In the same institute, I collected references and other records related to the mammal fossils I examined, and discussed the subject of my study with researchers belonging to the institute. I recorded the morphological characters of the specimens in detail, and took their photographs as many as possible.
In the Choungzuo Ecopark of Beijing University, Guangxi province, I explored fossiliferous caves, and collected some fossil and extant mammalian specimens.
My research could be conducted smoothly owing to kind collaboration and assistance of researchers and collection managers of the two institutes.

Observation of fossil mammal specimens in the IVPP.

Expedition of the cave at Choungzuo city.

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