HOPE report


Investigations of fossil and living mammals from Taiwan, field survey at some fossil localities, and discussions with researchers in Taiwan.

Report:Kawamura Yoshinari

Date:2008/10/30 - 2008/11/08

I visited the National Museum of Natural Science in Taichung to study fossil and living mammal specimens from Taiwan. In the museum, I observed the specimens in detail, took their photographs, and compared fossils collected from Chochen by the present field survey with living specimens stored in the museum. I carried out a field survey in Chochen to understand fossil-bearing Pleistocene sediments, with the assistance of Dr. C. -H. Chang of the museum and local amateur fossil collectors. I also collected the fossil specimens mentioned above. Besides these activities, I visited Tunghai University situated near the museum, and discussed living mammals of Taiwan and collaborate studies in future with Prof. L. -K. Lin of this university.

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