HOPE report


Study on sociality and ecology of wild orangutans in primary forest.


Date:2008/12/16 - 2008/12/24

Under normal circumstances, I did filed work at Danum Valley Conservation Area (DVCA). However I could not go to my study site because of the delay of my research permission from Malaysian government. In this time I met a person in charge of State Economic Panning Unit (UPEN) then I knew my application was stopped in UPEN because of inefficient handling. I explained how I needed the permission as soon as possible and she promised me to use their best efforts about this matter.
After that I visited Dr. Waidi Sinun who was person in charge of management of DVCA and explained our long-term research project. He suggested me to give presentation at annual meeting of Danum Valley Management Committee (DVMC) in January or February to get approval for our project.
I met our research assistant at Kota Kinabalu and received data which they had collected during my absence. I provided some instruction to him. Finally I met my counterpart, Mr. Titol Peter Malim who was officer in Sabah Wildlife Department and discussed our future research plan.

Flanged-Male's photograph taken by research assitant

Young Female's photograph taken by research assitant

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