HOPE report


Study on sociality and ecology of wild orangutans in primary forest.


Date:2008/06/03 - 2008/06/27

I and our local research assistants searched and followed orangutan then we observed 5 animals (Unflanged Male: 1, Mother: 1, Infant: 1, Juvenile Male: 1, Adolescent Female: 1) for 51 hours (5 days) in June 2008. In 39 hours (2 days) of this observation, each two research teams followed one orangutan at the same time (totally we followed two individuals in one day). And I rent a new house for our local research assistants and they moved to the house during this research period. Additionally I took photo of two thighbones of orangutan (supposed mature individual) found by our local research assistants in study site. I took samples for DNA analysis from the born and passed them to my co-researcher Dr. Benoit Goossens who was belong to Institute for Tropical Biology and Conservation of Universiti Malaysia Sabah. Finally I gave briefing about our research at Economic Planning Unit of Sabah (State EPU). State EPU approved our accomplishment and continuance of research at Danum Valley Conservation Area.

Unflange Male who had followed one mother with baby for more than three days
 (Left: Male, Right: Female, Infant on mother's back)

Thighbones supposed of adult orangutan found in study site

New house for local research assistants

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