HOPE report


Study on the Forest Utilization at Wamba, Democratic Republic of Congo

Report:KIMURA, Daiji

Date:2008/08/20 - 2007/09/24

I conducted the following researches in this dispatch.
I investigated the acquisition pattern of protein source in the forest and the river. When villagers went to the hunting/fishing, I went together with them, and recorded their activities and the position of it using GPS. It is cleared that the chance of group hunting (net hunting, spear hunting) becomes quite scarce, whereas the snare hunting is now mainstream. Fishing becomes more important for their subsistence ecology. By the GPS data, the area of their daily subsistence activities is fairly determined.

In 2006 and 2007, I selected 20 informants in the village, and they recorded the items they got from the forest day by day. I have finished to input all these data in Excel file (about 60,000 lines) in Japan. This time, I and my informant (Mr. Lingomo) corrected the input mistake, and confirm the item names which I could not understand. Also from this data, the tendency that fish resource becomes more important becomes apparent.

The author (Kimura) is entering the data in the new research station.

A boy checks the push-down trap.

A fish cought in the nylon net.

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