HOPE report


Sociological Research and Promoting Protection of Bonobos in Wamba, Democratic Republoc of Congo.

Report:KURODA, Suehisa

Date:2008/08/20 - 2008/09/25

Aug. 22: arrive at Kinshasa.
23-24: meeting with researchers.
25: charter flight to Djolu, 27: arrive at Wamba.
28-31: meeting and negotiation with villagers for conservation, employment, aids.

Sep. 1-15: research on bonobos (E1 group) and salongo monkeys.
On Sept. 1st, E1 came back to old core area where P group were foraging. Almost two weeks, those foraged near by each other, and several times interacted both peacefully and antagonistically. A mother with young infant of P group joined E group copulated with E group males during 2 weeks and returned to P group. A young new comer female spread a new type of play with twigs among juveniles of E group.
A salongo monkeys was found near village, but I could find none in the old abandoned plantation, where I found 5 group in 2006. Monkeys seemed to be less than in 2006, though several groups near village were well protected.

Sep. 16-17: official procedure at Djolu, 18: charter flight to Kinshasa.
19-21 Meeting with researchers in Kinshasa.
22: leave Kinshasa

A grooming male: E1 group is taking rest on the tree.

A sign: clinic is opened by Bonobo fund

Children in Wamba: before finding for food

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