HOPE report


Attending the meeting of the international Primatology Society and visiting veterinary anesthesiologists in University of Glasgow

Report:Takako Miyabe

Date:2008/08/02 - 2008/08/16

I attended the meeting of the International Primatology Society in Edinburgh and obtained valuable information on management of captive non-human primate and primate health and diseases. It was especially impressive that there were many presentations on behavioral management, such as training macaques to accept intramuscular injection of drugs without physical restraint, as a mean of welfare in captivity.
After the meeting, I visited some veterinary anesthesiologists at the small animal hospital in the University of Glasgow. They routinely use an intravenous anesthetic, propofol, with target-control- infusion system, which I have been trying to establish in non-human primate. It was very useful for me to actually see what I had read in their articles and discuss about their protocol and some problems that we share.

Small animal hospital in the University of Glasgow

A surgical case under propofol anesthesia

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