HOPE report


Paleoenvironments of the Pliocene Primates from mesowear analysis of ungulate cheek teeth


Date:2009/02/17 - 2009/02/24

I discussed standard evaluation of mesowear status of ungulate cheek teeth with Dr. Kaiser (University Hamburg) and Professor Fortelius (University of Helsinki). I also collected mesowear data of Hipparion and related ungulates cheek teeth from the Neogene Eurasia stored in Biozentrum Grindel (University Hamburg), and discussed about collecting of three dimensional data of cheek teeth by various method and equipments in both laboratories.

Office of Dr. Thomas M. Kaiser

Office of Dr. Ellen Schulz

Cheek teeth collection of Dr. Thomas M. Kaiser

Office of Professor Mikael Fortelius

Office of Dr. Aleksis Karme and 3D image of cheek teeth

Hall of Department of Geology, University of Helsinki

Zoological Institute, University Hamburg

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