HOPE report


participation in IPS post congress symposium

Report:Daisuke Shimizu

Date:2008/08/05 - 2008/08/15

I attended the International Primatological Society XXII Congress at Edinburgh, Scotland and IPS post congress symposium entitled ”Ęcomparative functional morphology in primates' in Durham, England. In IPS post congress symposium about thirty of morphologists were gathered and had a lively discussion about biomechanics and kinematics. In this congress I gave an oral presentation entitled ”ĘDiet or Phylogeny: Morphometric study of dentino-enamel junction in colobine monkeys'. Twenty lower second molars of six genuses, seven species from African and Asian colobine monkeys were used for this paper to determine morphological differences between the dentino-enamel junction and outer enamel surface.
I visited Prof. G. A. Macho of the University of Bradford after IPS post congress symposium, and discussed morphological and biomechanical analysis of enamel microstructure in fossil Hominid.

The venue for the IPS Post congress symposium, Calman Learning Centre, The University of Durham, UK.

Monkeys in the City of Durham.

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