HOPE report


The International Primatological Society XXII Congress


Date:2008/08/03 - 2008/08/10

I attended the International Primatological Society XXII Congress in Edinburgh. I presented the result of our investigation on wild spider monkeys in Ecuador "Spatial Distribution of Wild Spider Monkeys in Fission-Fusion Societies: Simultaneous Follows of Two Individuals Using GPS", which was supported by HOPE 2007. In the session just after my talk, there was a round table on Fission-Fusion, and many researchers studying Fission-Fusion societies such as spider monkeys, muriquis and baboons discussed vigorously based on my talk. Fyrthermore at the congress I had a meeting with the coauthors: Dr. Anthony DiFiore and Mr. Andres Link from New York Univ. and discussed about the future investigations, analysis and how to publish our results. And also there were 15 presentations about spider monkeys at this congress, and the researchers gathered and discussed about the possibility to do comparison over this genus and clarify between and within species variability. As a first step we agreed to make a network to exchange information about behavioral variance.

Shimooka talking at Edinburgh International Congress Centre (photo by Yamato Tsuji)

From left, Dr. Akisato Nishimura, Dr. Filippo Aureli and Shimooka at Congress Dinner, Dynamic Earth

Beautiful mixture of history and modernity in Edinburgh city

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