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Research presentation in the annual congress of Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution

Report:Yasuhiro Go

Date:2008/06/05 - 2008/06/11

At the annual congress of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution (SMBE) held in Barcelona, Spain, I presented three studies entitled "Evolution of genomic expression and trans effects in the closely related Drosophila species" as a first author and "Similar numbers but different repertoires of olfactory receptor genes in humans and chimpanzees" and "Biological implication for loss of function at Major Histocompatibility Complex loci" as a second author. Recent genome studies make a big progress in and enter a new paradigm with an innovation of new sequencing technology. SMBE has many top scientists in the field of genome science or evolutionary biology, and I therefore received a great opportunity to discuss with those scientists in Barcelona.

Convention Center in Barcelona

Over 700 presentations were in the poster venue.

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