HOPE report


Wild baboons of the Gombe Stream National Park


Date:2008/08/19 - 2008/09/07

Our previous analyses showed that there were two types troops for female estrous periods in wild baboons of the Gombe Stream National Park, Tanzania: one was female estrous periods were avoided each other and another was not avoided. In this research I collected the preliminary data of social organization, sex ration, habitat environment and dominance between troops that might be the factors influenced estrous strategy of baboon females.
I companied with two troops of which sizes were almost same. The travel areas of the troops were overlapped widely and it means that foods of the two troop baboons might be similar. The number of males differed. Females of a troop included many males avoided with their estrous period. Those suggest that female estrous time might be influenced not by the environmental factors but the social factors.

The main gate of Gombe Stream National Park, Tanzania

Baboons of a study troop and two research assistants

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