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22nd IPS International conference

Report:SUZUKI Mariko

Date:2008/08/02 - 2008/08/11

The congress was held from Aug 3rd to 8th in Edinburgh, Scotland. I had a poster presentation " Visual and auditory monitoring of group members during moving in a group in Japanese macaques" at Aug 4th. Some researchers came to my poster, and we discussed. I got good advices and comments for my study. The symposiums (oral presentations) consisted of many topics including psychology, ecology, morphology, gene and more. I could know the new things and now trend topic of primatology.
The Edinburgh Zoo is a wonderful place for watching many animals. It was impressive for me that there are many wide enclosures using hill slop and many displays for enrichment of the animals.

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IPS symposium 1

IPS symposium 2

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