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poster presentation

Report:Funakoshi Miho

Date:2008/08/01 - 2008/08/09

I put up a poster on the board from 18:00 4th August to 10:00 6th August. The content of the poster were (1) the nutritional value of the inner bark of conifers (Larch and red pine) consumed by Japanese macaques, (2) which age-sex category ate inner bark of each conifer most, (3) which food category is correlated with the inner bark of each conifer. Two people advised to me in English. One said that the calorie of the inner bark of Larch is high. But the other pointed out the Romaji on one figure. I translated them into English.
The paper published last year was cited many times, as my expected. I surprised two celebrated researchers canceled the oral presentations.

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