HOPE report


The examinations of the specimens of tupai and mouse deer and the contribution to the AZWMC at Bogor .

Report:Endo Hideki

Date:2008/08/17 - 2008/08/21

The geographical variations of the tree shrews and mouse deer were examined using the natural history specimens in the Bogor Agricultural University and Bogor Zoological Museum, In the Asian Zoo and Wildlife Medicine and Conservation, we had s poster session entitled "Immunohistochemical studies of the steroidogenic enzyme and steroid receptors in the testis and perineal gland of the common palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus)". And we give a plenary talk "The future of dead body science and veterinary anatomy in Asia" and the oral presentation on "Functional morphology of the manipulating mechanism of the giant panda" in this conference.

Endo in Asian Zoo and Wildlife Medicine and Conservation

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