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Activity Budget and Behavioural Repertories of Wild Chimpanzees in Bossou

Report:Yumi Yamanashi

Date:2009/08/17 - 2009/10/28

 My trip was divided into three periods; (1) Attending the conference held in France, (2) Visiting the sanctuary and the zoos in the Netherlands and France, and (3) Field work in Guinea. (1)From 19th August to 24th August, I attended the 31st International Ethological Conference held at the Renne University in order to have a poster presentation. (2)From 26th August to 4th September, I visited the sanctuary and the zoos in the Netherlands and France so as to compare the environment and have a network between the institutes for improving the future study. At the AAP sanctuary (Netherlands), Mr. Michael Seres showed me around the institute and how they manage the animals. I also visited the other zoos such as Burger's zoo and Apenheul Primate Park for comparing the environment surrounding the animals. (3) From 6th September to 26th October, I stayed in Guinea to research the wild chimpanzees. Although the behaviour of wild chimpanzees is the one of the practical goal for that of captive chimpanzees, there is no specific data which can be used for comparison. The chimpanzees in Bossou were suitable subjects because they are well habituated and their social composition is similar to my subject chimpanzees in Japan. From Thursday to Tuesday, I followed each chimpanzee from 6:30 to 18:30 and collect the activity budget and behavioural repertories. I also used the cameras to record other interesting behaviours. I collected the data from 10 out of 13 chimpanzees in Bossou. The data will be compared with that of captive chimpanzees' and used to set the practical standard for welfare assessment.

Chimpanzees, Guinea Bossou

AAP: Sanctuary for Exotic Animals (Netherlands)

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