HOPE report


Socio-ecological research on mixed-species associations of primates

Report:Moe GO

Date:2009/07/29 - 2009/10/02

 The mixed-species associations of primates have been reported from communities in Africa and South America. It is well known that such associations have varied in terms of combination of species and study sites. However, very little is known about the mechanisms that keep mixed-species association together. I have examined how do blue monkeys (Cercopithecus mitis) and red-tailed monkeys (C. ascanius) form mixed-species associations in the Kalinzu Forest, Uganda from August 2004 to February 2005. In the Max Planck Institute, there are a lot of researchers who work in Tai National Park, Cote d'Ivoire where it is one of the famous research sites of mixed-species associations of primates. I have joined the laboratory meeting every week in the Max Planck. I also have had my research presentation entitled "Ranging behavior and mixed-species association of sympatric Cercopithecus monkeys in the Kalinzu Forest, Uganda" in the meeting, and discussed about my research with the members of the institute.

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