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International Journal of Primatolの特集号


特集号タイトル:霊長類種子散布研究の最前線 (Advances and Frontiers in Primate Seed Dispersal)
編集者: Onja Razafindratsima, Hiroki Sato, Yamato Tsuji, Laurence Culot
ISSN: 0164-0291



Advances and Frontiers in Primate Seed Dispersal
Onja H. Razafindratsima, Hiroki Sato, Yamato Tsuji… Pages 315-320

Primate Fruit Color: Useful Concept or Alluring Myth?
Kim Valenta, Omer Nevo, Colin A. Chapman Pages 321-337

The Ecology and Evolution of Fruit Odor: Implications for Primate Seed Dispersal
Omer Nevo, Kim Valenta Pages 338-355

Macaques as Seed Dispersal Agents in Asian Forests: A Review
Yamato Tsuji, Hsiu-Hui Su Pages 356-376

Predictions of Seed Shadows Generated by Common Brown Lemurs (Eulemur fulvus) and Their Relationship to Seasonal Behavioral Strategies
Hiroki Sato Pages 377-396

Primates and Dung Beetles: Two Dispersers Are Better than One in Secondary Forest
Laurence Culot, Marie-Claude Huynen… Pages 397-414

Consequences of Lemur Loss for Above-Ground Carbon Stocks in a Malagasy Rainforest
Onja H. Razafindratsima, Anecia Gentles… Pages 415-426

Primate Seed Dispersal and Forest Restoration: An African Perspective for a Brighter Future
Colin A. Chapman, Amy E. Dunham Pages 427-442

Primate Seed Dispersal: Old and New Challenges
Ellen Andresen, Victor Arroyo-Rodriguez… Pages 443-465

Seed Dispersal by Primates in Asian Habitats: From Species, to Communities, to Conservation
Kim R. McConkey Pages 466-492