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Reduction in the structural instability of cloned eukaryotic tandem-repeat DNA by low-temperature culturing of host bacteria

Thapana W, Sujiwattanarat P, Srikulnath K, Hirai H and *Koga A

タパナ ワチャラポン・スジワッタナラ ペンポン、コンソン シクルナ、平井啓久、*古賀章彦


Genetics Research 96: e13 (2014)

For accurate analyses of eukaryotic tandem-repeat DNA, it is often required to clone a genomic DNA fragment into a bacterial plasmid. It is, however, a serious problem that tandem-repeat DNA is frequently subjected to structural changes during maintenance or amplification in the host bacteria. Here, we show an example of a clear difference in the instability of tandem-repeat DNA between different culturing temperatures. A fragment of monkey centromeric DNA carried by pUC19 was considerably degraded by culturing bacteria at 37oC, but the damage was reduced at 25oC. Thus, culturing temperature is a significant factor for avoiding degradation, in addition to the genotype of the host bacteria


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