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International Symposium on "Evolutionary Origins of Human Music"

International Symposium on "Evolutionary Origins of Human Music"

Venue: Large Conference Room at Primate Research Institute, Kyoto University

 Musical activities are widely observed across human populations. Music is not simply a cultural activity but it is often pointed out that music has a function to strengthen social bonds and facilitate empathy among people. Specifically recent empirical studies revealed that coordination of timing between people in musical activities helps them to increase affiliative feeling to each other. The question why and how we humans acquire and develop music has been catching researchers' attention but yet still we know few to understand evolutionary origins of cognitive abilities underlying music. To better understand this, we need to disentangle and understand cultural factors and also biological constraints behind music. In this symposium, we aim to garner cutting-edge research findings and deepen our knowledge on evolutionary origin of music in humans.

Tentative Program (Title of the talks would be announced soon)

3rd March
  13:00 Opening Remark

  13:10-14:00 SEKI, Yoshimasa (Aichi University)
    "Imitation, synchronization and creation of vocal sound sequences by cockatiels"

  14:00-14:50 FEDUREK, Pawel (University of Stiring)
    "The structure and function of chimpanzee vocal sequences"

  14:50-15:10 Coffee Break

  15:10-16:00 HOESCHELE, Marisa (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
    "Insights into the origins of music via cross-species comparisons of human musical universals"

  16:00-16:50 FUJI, Shinya (Keio University)

  16:50-17:30 HATTORI, Yuko (Kyoto University)
    "Auditory-motor entrainment and sound induced movement in chimpanzees"

4th March
  9:10-10:00 ITOH, Kosuke (Niigata University)
    "What is music?"

  10:00-10:50 SAVAGE, Patrick (Keio University)
    "Music as a coevolved system for social bonding"

  10:50-11:40 NAKAMURA, Eita (Kyoto University)
    "Statistical Learning of Music Styles and Evolutionary Model of Creators and Evaluators"

  11:40-13:30 Lunch break + Lab Visit

  13:30-14:20 NAKAI, Tomoya (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)
    "How do we categorize music? Quantitative modeling of music perception in the brain"

  14:20-15:00 KODA, Hiroki (Kyoto University)
    "From swing to sing: a hypothesis of the gibbon song evolution"