How to apply

Accepting Applications for FY2024

We don't distribute application forms here without knowledge of the prospective host at our center(s).
The host is the one that will submit the application form on behalf of the applicant.

Research Section

Center for the Evolutionary Origins of Human Behavior (EHUB)

The center promote a wide range of biological research exploring body and brain structures, molecular functions, brain functions and congnive abilities which provide a foundation of human behaviours.

Wildlife Research Center

The Wildlife Research Center of Kyoto University aims to promote scientific research and education on wild animals. Our three missions are 1) to conduct basic research on endangered and threatened species of wild animals, 2) to integrate different areas of science to create new disciplines applicable to field settings, and 3) to collaborate with zoos, sanctuaries, aquariums, and museums, etc, to promote environmental education among youths.